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Kineo's Originals

Kineo's Lights


Northern Lights #5

The exact same Northern Lights #5 Kineo started with.  

Pure Indica

Lineage: Afghani and Thai Landraces

Flower time: 8 weeks

THC content:  15% +

CBD content:  .9%

Flavor/scent:  piney, spicy, pungent

Kineo's Cheese

Big Buddha's Cheese X Kineo's Lights

A high quality BBC clone was crossed with northern lights and then back-crossed twice to bring out the cheese!

Sativa dominant

Lineage:  UK cheese X Afghani indica X Northern Lights

Flower time: 9 weeks

THC content:  13-18%

CBD content:  .29%

Flavor/scent:  pungent, cheese, skunky

Big Lights


BC Big Bud X Kineo's Lights

Crossed and then back-crossed twice to bring back the big bud.

Sativa dominant

Lineage:  afgani / skunk#1 (big bud) X sativa strains 35/65%

Flower time:  9 weeks

THC content:  12-16%

CBD content:  .12%

Flavor/scent:  earthy, sweet berry, bubble gum

Berry Lights


Mother of Berries X Kineo's Lights

Maine's clone only MOB was used for this F1 cross.

Indica dominant

Lineage:  Blueberry X Jerry Berry X Northern Lights

Flower time: 7-8 weeks

THC content:  19-21%

CBD content:  .2%

Flavor/scent: strong, pungent, blueberry

New Releases

M.O.R.B.I.D. (Mother Of the Real Big Island Dreams)

Hawaiian Dream X Big Lights

Kineo found a special cut of Hawaiian Dream and carefully bred it with Kineo's Big Lights for this F1 cross.

Sativa dominant

Lineage: Granddaddy Kush X Blue Dream X Unknown Hawaiian male X BC Big Bud X Kineo's Lights

Flower time:  9-10 weeks

THC content:  15%

CBD content:  .12%

Flavor/scent:  fruity, sweet, mango, pineapple

Northern White Rhino

White Rhino X Kineo's Lights BX White Rhino

White Rhino was crossed with Kineo's Lights and back-crossed with White Rhino again to bring out the heavy indica effects.

Indica Dominant

Lineage: White Widow X Unknown Indica X Northern Lights

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

THC content: 20%-22%

CBD content: Less than 1%

Flavor/Scent: earthy, slightly sweet, pine

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  Coming Soon  

  • The Orient Express - Locomotion X AK47 X Querkle

  • M.O.M. (Mother Of Mothra) - Berry Lights X Big Lights X Berry Lights

  • Back In Black - Sugar Black Rose X Black Dahlia

  • Anslingers Demise - 9lb Hammer X Amnesia Haze

  • Black Curtain - Amnesia Haze X Black Dahlia

  • Great White Ninja - Amnesia Haze X Ninja Fruit

  • Citrus Explosion - California Orange X Ninja Fruit

  • Pucker Berry Knockout - Pucker Punch X Marionberry Kush

All regular seeds 15 to a pack.  No auto-flower or feminized. Souvenir seeds only for local and state compliant use.

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